Historic Churches – Excellent local history

Church tours – why do them?

Well, the parish church is usually the oldest building in any given village or town (the pub is often the next oldest, and is not usually too far away!). As such, they bear witness not only to christian belief over the centuries, but also history of the area, and the people connected with it. There are often monuments to these people, and art and artefacts of great historical value, often rare, sometimes unique. Please note that all sites shown below (and those not!) are subject to availability on any given date.

Here are a few ideas

Cotwswold “Wool” Churches

Come and see some of the finest parish churches in England, mostly funded by centuries of Cotswold wool trading. See the warm limestone, imposing architecture and wonderful art, including brasses and other monuments to the wool merchants, who’s money paid for buildings construction and enhancement.

A tour might include two Codswolds churches over half a day, or four over a day. Please see “Notes on Tours” at the foot of this page.

Why not contact Robin for more details?

Estate Churches – with historic families

How about a tour of historic churches, with a link (or two) to historic houses? We still have many churches that sit close by in the grounds of a great house, and there are some on land close to where such a house used to exist. Family history is often reflected in the glass, fittings and the monuments to those family members inside the church.

I would suggest either a half or full day, where either two former estate churches, or an existing estate church and a tour of the house (where available) per half day of tour. Please see “”Notes on tours” at the foot of this page.

Why not contact Robin for more details?

Notes on tours

Please note that all of our parish churches exist because they are working buildings. Most churches are happy to welcome visitors, but due to the needs of regular services and family events, all church visits will be subject to availability, and the need for arrangement in advance. These conditions also apply to any house that house that might be available during any tour.

Donations for the churches will be offered as part of the booking, and can be arranged as individual contributions on the day (I would normally suggest a minimum of about £2 per head, per church/site), or as a per-head figure in addition to my guiding fee.

Where charged, admission fees for any building will be in addition to the guiding fee.